​​​The emphasis at J Mychael Travel is ​​​on not following the large groups of "tourists" and visiting over-crowded locations, but rather seek and enjoy the more intimate accomodations to smaller, private, and off-the-beaten-path destinations so you are able to better experience the regions you travel to. We believe to experience a destination when traveling, one must absorb the daily life and activity of the native population, appreciate the indigenous flora and fauna without disturbing, and be willing to move at a slower pace to be aware of your immediate environment and the beautiful views. ​Only then will you be provided with amazing memories and endless conversation. 

While following his own passions for Activity & Adventure, Cultural Encounters, and Spa & Wellness while traveling, David has firsthand destination knowledge and has created extensive global friendships and connections with access to VIP amenities and perks to tailor your perfect anniversary, escape, honeymoon, retreat or vacation.
or over 20 years David has been committed to providing personalized service, amazing and unique destinations, quality and value-based options for you to explore and experience your world in a way that will exceed your expectations. 

 ​...Without Compromising Your Lifestyle. 

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In a growing world of scuba divers and scuba diving sites, liveaboard diving trips are becoming increasingly popular. Whether the aim is to reach remote destinations or take in as many dive sites as possible, liveaboard vacations offer an unparalleled advantage. These “eat, sleep, dive” vacations take divers to off-the-beaten-path destinations. Whether it's your first dive safari experience or you’re a seasoned pro, liveaboard destinations are the best in the world.

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Yoga classes, hiking, and adventure for all levels or cultural interests with some of the worlds top guides. Take part in seminars, classes, and workshops to learn and understand the principles of an active, healthful and happy life. Fitness and Wellness consultations, spa treatments, culinary classes and more are all available to help you achieve the level of health and wellness you seek and deserve.

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Small Ship Cruises, Expedition Cruises, and River Cruises are like going to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, where you see friends at the table across the way and the staff knows exactly what you'll order. It's an intimate experience where you'll share stories with like-minded travelers as you explore the world together. 
​These itineraries call on remote coves, secluded lagoons and ports the bigger luxury ships just cannot access, along with signature destinations. 

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